I haven’t got mine yet but… supposed, it’d arrive here in few days.
I bought 4 of these by the way.

Good news is, somebody is trying to find what type of protocol this one is using.
So I guess, in a week or so, we can use decent TX for this Inductrix-ish quad.

So far, it seems, Devo 7E is the best investment for these Tiny Whoop thing,
you can use Devo 7E for actual Inductrix based Tiny Whoop, and in few weeks hopefully,
we can use it for this E010 based Tiny Whoop as well.

Two big surprising things for me was,
– prop qualty
– flight time

I can not compare flight time for now, so I have to try it by myself.
But prop quality looks nice! I was just searching to purchase props for Inductrix
on Amazon these days, but it turns out I don’t need it!
I bought 4 of these, means, 8 pairs of props is coming! woo, nice!